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Residency Options in Europe: Golden Visas and Permanent Residence


Most countries are interested in attracting people willing to invest their money in the state’s economy in exchange for a special status and, later on, a cherished passport. Several European countries have introduced a program called golden visa. It allows you to enjoy all the benefits of the host country and conduct business activities on a legal basis. It is the most affordable and fastest way to get the coveted document in the leading EU countries.

The conditions and rules for obtaining, for example, Greece Residence by investment, are considered individually, depending on the investor’s goals and budget. More than 100 countries work under this program and annually attract thousands of investors who aim to invest on favourable terms.

Are you looking for the best conditions and a chance to live legally in Europe? We recommend you contact Immigrant Invest’s experts in the field of immigration. They will help you choose an acceptable option that will suit your capabilities, availability of the necessary amount in the bank, and fulfillment of the established rules.

Concept of Golden Visas in Europe

Are you interested in moving to another country with prospects for you and your family? A European golden visa is what you need. This scheme of immigration through investment of finances by participants is carried out to attract foreign investors to live and do business with the benefit of both parties.

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In addition, such a financial resource provides both working aspects and the opportunity to travel and get acquainted with the world’s cultural heritage. The Golden Document involves obtaining a certificate in the rapidly developing countries of the European Union through significant monetary contributions in real estate, business, and financing of a national foundation or charity. This exchange is promising not only for the applicant but also for his closest relatives.

It is also worth noting that the golden passport does not guarantee citizenship, but the program participant can enjoy certain benefits. It is necessary to live in the host country for a certain period to become a citizen of the host country during the investment process. The leading expert of the Immigrant Invest agency, Zlata Erlach, can tell you more about it. The company’s employees offer to participate in the program on simplified terms with minimal involvement in the process.

List of European Countries Offering Golden Visas

The investor visa is valid in many territories of the European Union.  Foreigners who aim to emigrate and live in Europe and obtain the coveted document can choose one of the proposed countries where this program is valid:

  • Bulgaria;
  • Greece;
  • Italy;
  • Malta;
  • Austria;
  • Spain;
  • Portugal;
  • Switzerland;
  • Ireland;
  • Belgium;
  • Germany.

The countries mentioned above are some of the most beautiful parts of the world, with hospitable populations, excellent climates, and promising business opportunities. EU golden visa is a way to stay legally in the country, as well as to work and travel. Nevertheless, the leading participant must meet the minimum requirements of staying in the country for further positive results and obtaining a visa.

Key Benefits of European Golden Visa for Investor

The special status of a resident implies not only financial costs for approval and obtaining a certificate but also the opportunity to use the advantage. Several advantages attract foreign investors, which become fundamental to the decision to participate in the program:

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  1. Freedom of movement without visa denial or other unpleasant situations.
  2. Family security and ensuring the younger generation a high level of education and medical care.
  3. Increased business opportunities with permanent residence in Europe.
  4. Favorable and mitigating tax system.
  5. Profitable operations for the future.
  6. No restrictions for permanent residence in one country as an investor.
  7. Obtaining a passport for a citizen of the country and participation in economic and political activities of the state.

Because competition in the visa market is growing, investment projects expand the list of pros and provide opportunities for foreigners to replenish the budget fund of European countries annually.

Perspective to European Permanent Residence

In addition to the advantages mentioned above of RP or PR, a golden visa allows one to get the coveted passport of a citizen of the country in the future. It means that the applicant has to wait from 5 to 10 years to get the coveted document from the moment of authorization and issuance of special status. During this time, the program participant can learn the language, work, travel, get acquainted with the cultural heritage of the host country, and understand whether he has made the right choice.


Permanent residence in EU is a chance to start your life anew, conduct entrepreneurial activity, expand partner programs for business, and provide yourself and your family with unlimited opportunities in the territory of more than one country. You can find out about all the conditions, requirements, and relevant documents for applying for this project from the specialists of the Immigrant Invest agency.

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