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5 Benefits of Embankments in Public Spaces


Embankments can be used for many different things including creating visual interest or for recreation. Yet, they also serve more functional purposes such as flooding and soil protection. Read more to explore 5 benefits of embankments in public spaces.

Embankments, or raised earth structures, are features commonly found in public spaces such as parks, gardens, and urban landscapes with multiple uses. These landscaped mounds can add visual interest but they also offer a range of benefits that contribute to the overall quality and functionality of public environments. From aesthetic enhancements to practical functions, embankments play a vital role in shaping the character and usability of outdoor spaces.

1)      Visual interest

Embankments serve as focal points within public spaces, adding dimension and visual interest to the landscape. Whether gently sloping or steeply terraced, these earth features create dynamic contours that can complement the surrounding environment. Embankments can be landscaped with a variety of vegetation, including grasses, flowers, shrubs, and trees, enhancing biodiversity and adding colour. If used creatively, they can be inviting in environments for relaxation, recreation, and socialisation.

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2)      Erosion control and soil stabilisation

One of the main functions of embankments is to prevent soil erosion and stabilise the soil. By providing a protective barrier against water runoff and wind erosion, embankments help maintain the surrounding landscape. Any plants or flowers planted on embankments help bind soil particles together, preventing erosion and reducing the risk of sedimentation in nearby water. Additionally, embankments help regulate water flow and promote permeation, reducing the risk of flooding and soil degradation in public spaces. Companies such as can provide innovative concrete solutions for landscaping and embankment construction to help decrease the risk of flooding even further, retain soil and balance out uneven surfaces.

3)      Biodiversity

Embankments contribute to biodiversity and habitat creation in urban environments, providing shelter and resources for a variety of plant and animal species. The diverse vegetation found on embankments can offer food, shelter, and nesting sites for birds, insects, and small mammals, nurturing ecological balance. By incorporating native plants and wildlife-friendly landscaping practices, embankments support local ecosystems and enhance urban biodiversity.

4)      Noise reduction and visual screening

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Embankments can act as natural barriers, helping to reduce noise pollution and screen potentially undesirable views in public spaces. The earth can absorb and deflect sound waves, managing noise from nearby roads, highways, or urban development. Additionally, embankments can be strategically positioned to block or conceal other visual distractions, enhancing the visual quality of outdoor environments.

5)      Recreation opportunities

Embankments can be used for recreational activities, particularly in parks and playgrounds. The sloping surfaces of embankments can create natural seating and gathering spaces for social use outdoors. By incorporating embankments into public spaces, urban planners and designers create engaging and inclusive environments that cater to the diverse needs and interests of visitors of all ages and backgrounds.

Embankments offer many benefits in public spaces, ranging from aesthetic enhancement and erosion control to habitat creation and recreational opportunities. In landscape design, embankments can contribute to the overall quality, functionality, and sustainability of outdoor environments. By using the natural features of the land and incorporating innovative landscaping techniques, construction workers, planners and designers can maximise the benefits of embankments and create vibrant, resilient, and inviting public spaces for communities to enjoy.

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