Angry parents say housebuilding boom will lead to shortfall of 713 secondary school places in Gedling borough by 2025

Parents have organised a public meeting to discuss the lack of secondary school places in Gedling with council chiefs

Angry parents say a boom in housebuilding across Gedling borough will soon lead to a lack of secondary school places for their children.

A public meeting has now been organised to discuss the issue as parents say they are becoming increasingly concerned about how existing schools will cope with the growth in housing. Local MPs and officers from Nottinghamshire County Council have been invited to attend and share how they plan to manage the problem.

The issue came to light after worried parent Ben Hemstock put in a freedom of information request to Nottinghamshire County Council which revealed that a deficit of 713 secondary school places will exist in the borough by 2025.

Mr Hemstock told Gedling Eye: “My wife and I were concerned as were and are many other parents about the high level of housing development in the area with no apparent thought for the extra school places required. The FOI request has highlighted a huge deficit of secondary places for the future.


“At current levels they’ve predicted a deficit of 713 secondary places in the area by 2025,” he said.

“Ultimately we want Nottinghamshire County Council to take responsibility for this issue and explain how they’re planning to solve the problem.”

“They shook the magic money tree and found £2.6m for Carlton Academy to make extra provision for September 2019 but it appears that will just be kids stuffed into temporary classrooms – clearly that is not the answer.

He added: “They have the legal responsibility and duty of care to provide enough School places. As it stands at the moment, they appear to be failing in that duty, especially when we’re hearing of kids in Gedling being allocated places in Bramcote for this September.”

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The public meeting will be held on Friday, May 10 at Gedling Memorial Hall on Main Road in the village and starts at 7.30pm.

Gedling Eye has contacted Nottinghamshire County Council for a comment.

Email for more details about the meeting

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  1. This year, NCC has spent £15m on extra school places across the county. As a result, record numbers of parents gave secured places at their first preference school for their children. This is just scaremongering in my opinion and I wish people could stick to the facts rather than whipping up fear all the time. Deep sigh…

    1. How can a factual story about a freedom on information request be ‘scaremongering’? Complacent doesn’t even begin to describe your attitude.

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