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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

National Insurance vote: How did our Gedling borough MPs vote on social care hike?


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Boris Johnson tonight secured MPs’ backing for his controversial £12 billion National Insurance tax raid to pay for health and social care.

MPs tonight voted 319 to 248 for a 1.25 percentage point rise in National Insurance for workers and employers.

Despite Labour opposition, the PM secured the majority in Parliament after whipping mutinous Tory colleagues into line.

Johnson hopes the tax increase, which breaks a Conservative manifesto pledge, will raise £12bn a year.

Gedling MP Tom Randall and Sherwood MP Mark Spencer voted for the tax hike.

Nottingham East MP Nadia Whittome voted against the plans.

On twitter earlier Ms Whittome said: “Tory MPs voted tonight for a “health and social care levy” – a tax hike that hits low paid workers hardest. The government is blaming COVID-19, but our social care system was broken before the pandemic because of Tory cuts.

Before the vote tonight, Sajid Javid was forced to insist the Conservatives are still a low-tax party – even though the tax burden on workers is due to reach the highest level in peacetime.

Labour had called for an amendment which would have seen Chancellor Rishi Sunak publish an impact assessment of the national insurance increase – but this was rejected by 335 votes to 243, majority 92.

The Opposition had asked for Mr Sunak to detail before April 2022 how the tax hike would affect jobs and businesses, and also the distributional impact of the measures on different income groups and regions.

Boris Johnson spent almost an hour before the vote addressing a private meeting of Tory MPs at Westminster.

The Prime Minister told the backbench 1922 Committee that the Conservatives remained the party of free enterprise, the private sector and ‘low taxation’.

‘We should never forget that,’ he said.

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  1. It would have been fairer to put the rate of income tax up by 1% or even less. This would ensure less burden on the lower paid. Using NI contributions is disproportionate in terms of income.
    Anyway, what happened to that £350 million a week for the NHS if we left the EU. Still waiting for that!

  2. Both labour & conservative parties have killed Britain over the years, each living to get in power, then changing things to take even more out of the British public, they use statistics off a cornflake box, then blame each other when it goes wrong

    Near all MPs are out of touch with what really happens & what it takes for british family’s to get by. The British government are a discrace

  3. What has happened to the £350M per week that Boris promised would be spent on the NHS after Brexit? Surely that would solve all the problems?

  4. It is not the fault of Covid. It is the billions of pounds wasted on the government response, most of which did virtually nothing for anyone’s physical health, was detrimental to everyone’s mental health and was useful mainly for transitioning a number of jubilant millionaires into ecstatic billionaires.

  5. 3 broken manifesto pledges. An N.I. hike affecting nearly everyone apart from the rich. They’re laughing at us. Randall and Spencer might be in thick with their pals in the Tory party but anyone who voted for this is a disgrace to humanity.


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