Gedling MP Tom Randall backs Kemi Badenoch in Tory leadership race

The local politician put out a tweet today supporting the candidate before the first round of the leadership contest began.

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Gedling MP Tom Randall has today backed Kemi Badenoch to be the next Tory leader – and Prime Minister.

The local politician put out a tweet today supporting the candidate before the first round of the leadership contest began.

Randall hasn’t yet shared his reasons for backing Ms Badenoch.

The 42-year-old former Equalities Minister became an MP in 2017 and represents Saffron Walden in Essex.

Badenoch launched here leadership campaign yesterday and said there would be an end to cost-of-living payments like those offered by Rishi Sunak if she enters 10 Downing Street on September 5.

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She attacked ‘dead weight’ funding to help with soaring bills.

She said: “What I’m not going to do is come out with lots of micro policies about giving people £50 cash here or a rebate there.”

She plans to bring in “limits on government spending” to fund tax cuts instead.

Ms Badenoch has also called for the Winter Fuel Payment – worth between £250 to £600 and currently paid to all state pensioners – to be more means-tested.

She said: “I have people in my constituency telling me they don’t need the Winter Fuel Payments we give them because they can afford it. Why do we not have a more sophisticated mechanism of means testing.

“Those are the sort of long term things governments should be doing and haven’t been doing because we’re focusing always on short term news headline stuff for tomorrow.”

She added: “The cost of living crisis is the big thing we’re dealing with and inflation is what’s driving it and likely to make things worse.

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“So tackling inflation – that’s what government should be doing. We need to get it under control, because if we don’t things could still get a lot worse.

“And I think if we focus on the things government should be doing, that only government can do, we will make it easier for people both in the short, medium and long term.


  1. So basically u r endorsing a person who wants to stop help for cost of living, therefore they have to choose between eating and heating this winter….the reason the winter fuel is not means tested is it costs more to means test than to offer the payment. Yup our economy is going to be in safe hands…slow clap for Tom…

  2. This man Randall is a disgrace. He supported the incompetent liar and law-breaker Johnson until the bitter end and now gets behind a woman who, amongst several other outrageous far-right pronouncements, has vowed to end school plays and orchestras. If you live in Gedling and voted for this dissembling UKIP reject, then all I can say is, ‘Shame on you’

  3. Excellent choice Tom – hopefully she goes all the way. Refreshing to see a conservative MP with conservative principles.

    • So that bout of cynical self-serving from our far-right MP didn’t last long , did it? Who will he back next: Donald Trump? ‘hopefully she goes all the way’, Tj? What: completely cuts us off from the rest of the civilised world so we can rot in your own Little Englander stew? Wake up: the 1940’s are over…


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