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Monday, December 6, 2021

Gedling borough MPs vote on Government social care reform plans


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Plans to reform the way people pay for social care in England have been voted on – and Gedling borough MPs have had their say.

The Conservative-led government’s proposals were approved by 272 ayes to 246 noes.

This tight result was due to significant opposition from other political parties and some Tory MPs, with concerns that not enough is being done to protect the poorest pensioners.

One of the main features of the reform is a ‘cap’ on the amount people will have to pay towards their personal care.

It will be set at £86,000, and after this has been reached, the local authority will take over the financing.

Houses of Parliament

However, this does not include living costs such as food, energy bills or accommodation.

Many argue that the new proposal could lead to people living in cheaper houses having their assets wiped out.

See how your Gedling borough MP voted:

Tom Randall (Conservative – Gedling) – For

Mark Spencer (Conservative – Sherwood) – For

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  1. I agree with Tom on this.

    He is Arnold born and bred and we from the town should support him.

    He is one of our own and I support him so well done Tom.

    I have seen him in the town and he does a lot for our town.

    Its our capital and our London so lets support our MP in makeing Arnold better


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