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Your pleasure is their terror: Graham Finch thinks it’s time to ban fireworks for the sake of pets and pensioners

Occasional Gedling Eye columnist Graham Finch thinks it's time for a complete ban fireworks...


I wouldn’t be disappointed one bit if fireworks were to ever be banned across Britain; they can go out with a big bang in my view.

Their bright colours and loud noises circle the air in a flurry of excitement, yet whilst all this exhilaration is going on pets are left at home quivering in fear. Fireworks are not part of their life. They do not understand what they are. To them, the noises and flashing lights that make us so happy are enough to scare them to death.  

These symptoms of fear can then lead to them running away and getting lost, heart-attacks, other severe damages and, ultimately, death. Are setting off fireworks, that can then lead to such pain and misery for both animal and owner, really worth keeping? Of course not.


Another crucial point to note is the effect it has on birds. The debris that comes after the fireworks have exploded is toxic, and this can result in the deaths of birds and other wildlife.

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It’s also important to note the dangers that come from using fireworks. Fireworks contain gunpowder, meaning that they are essentially an explosive. They come with a risk of fires, burns, and death. In the UK you can purchase a firework when you are eighteen and over. The most worrying thing is that fireworks will likely be set off at parties, where alcohol may be involved, and so people’s awareness will be knocked.

There is a definite lack of awareness of just how truly dangerous fireworks are and this results in unnecessary injuries each year that put even more strain on our creaking NHS in the winter months – it’s busiest time!  

I really hope that one day a ban will be put into place so that our animals, owners, the elderly and others (who are equally at risk) are spared from this unnecessary explosive start to November.

As children, we are taught not to play with fire, yet that’s exactly what we are doing when fireworks are around! It makes no sense! Ban the lot!

State of Square so unfair

Carlton Square (PICTURE: Gedling Eye)

It really is time something was done about Carlton Square.

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I ventured down there the other day and it’s in desperate need of a facelift. It’s stuck in the past and with the high street struggling in general, retailers need all the help they can get – and being based in this ageing monstrosity is doing these local shops any favours.

There are some really good independent retailers and cafes on the Square – and I delight in supporting them on an almost daily basis with my hard-earned cash, but now Wilkos has gone things could get desperate.

I would now ask the owners of this shopping centre to come down, take a look at the state it’s in and put your hands in your pockets to pay for a much-needed facelift to help give these great local businesses a fighting chance of survival. You’ve taken lots of money off them in rent, so it’s time to give something back.

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