GRAHAM FINCH: This general election is about so much more than just Brexit

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When will people realise that the approaching election is about much more than bloody Brexit.

There is so much more at stake here.

The NHS is in crisis, the effects of climate change are becoming more evident and knife crime is a growing problem. Which party is best to tackle these problems? I cannot say. But at least consider the bigger picture before putting that ‘X’ into the box on December 12.

Just putting a party into power based on their Brexit manifesto promises alone is sheer folly.

‘This election is about more than just how we leave the EU’

Having had a long wait for treatment with the NHS recently, I really do think they are struggling to cope. This needs to be rectified.

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The staff do a great job on limited resources, but more needs to be done.

The parties are all making some noise about this but I’m not sure they have yet convinced me that they understand how to avert the impending NHS crisis. More money, yes. I hear you. But what exactly do you spend it on? I need to hear concrete plans before I decide which way to vote.

Just remember that whatever party gets in next month could be in power for up to five years. They all intend to have Brexit resolved during 2020, so what’s on their agenda after that? Consider this carefully before casting your vote: we could be left in a right mess.

A tip of the hat to our guys working around Gedling to help keep the floods at bay on Thursday night. I walked past Ouse Dyke on that night and was worried sick about the impending doom to come if it burst its banks. I’m so glad the guys at the council and Environment Agency stopped this happening and helped protect so many homes.

I was miserable just walking the dog in that terrible rain for 20 minutes, so how they braved it all night is beyond me.

Well done teams, we all owe you a beer!


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