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Work to begin on demolishing dangerous ‘eyesore’ site in Carlton

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Diggers are set to move in and demolish two dilapidated properties in Carlton before the area is transformed in a bid to boost trade in the area.

Gedling Borough Council has appointed CMEC to demolish the dangerous properties on Burton Road – with works expected to begin in the next few weeks.

The council took ownership of the properties in October 2018 due to the dangerous state of the buildings – which locals have described as ‘an eyesore’.

Since taking on the buildings, the council has been working with CMEC and neighbouring properties to ensure that the buildings can be taken down safely, with minimal disruption to businesses and residential properties nearby.

The area is set to get a big boost in the coming months with plans now in place to transform the nearby Carlton Square shopping centre and help improve trade for local businesses.

PICTURED Cllr Jenny Hollingsworth, Portfolio Holder for Growth and Regeneration, at the demolition site on Burton Road, Carlton.

Cllr Jenny Hollingsworth, Portfolio Holder for Growth and Regeneration said she was looking forward to work starting to help revitalise the area.

She said: “I’m delighted that works will be starting on these properties. This is part of the wider regeneration of the Carlton Square area and I’m excited to see how things progress in the near future.

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“There are big changes coming to Carlton Square that are really going to improve the appearance of the area as well as attract shoppers and retailers.”

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  1. It is about time as well. This site has been an eyesore for years and home for hundreds of pigeons.

  2. Not before time. And the hundreds of feral pidgeons? Are they going to be culled or allowed to carry on covering everywhere in excrement, poeple, cars and buildings. Pavements are a death trap to the elderly slipping on it, they will simply move on a little but not too far whilst ever the bafoons keep feeding them everyday. Rats with feathers. Wood pidgeons fine but these? Dont forget to put up the miles of spikes to stop then roosting on every nook and cranny. Im a bird lover but unfortunately these feral ones are simply a problem that needs addressing and unless you address this, simply bulldozing down their current home, the old Turf accountants shop, they will fine somewhere else local, probably the flats at Walton court where they regularly congregate. You can spend £790k on regeneration and then leave it to be covered in pidgeon poop?

  3. When you have demolished this old building will you then start on the Eyesore that you have built in Carlton Square, What an Ugly building, well done, we should have known it would be like this, It’s Gedling Rubbish Borough.

  4. I agree with everything ‘re pigeons- they are a nuisance to say the least. But-what’s going to be built there? The car parking charges are prohibitive to say the least in the square.

  5. I’m glad the council took my complaint last year seriously for once!!! I have not dared to walk on that side of the road in fear of either pidgeon droppings/dead pidgeons and even the buildings falling on top of me! It’s been both an eyesore and an extremely dangerous area for far too many years!!! I just hope that the plans are good ones!!!
    I also agree with the ridiculous eyesore of a building towering over the square, what a stupid idea!!! As if the blocks of flats opposite on Station road aren’t bad enough!!! Regeneration????? We seem to get all the rubbish!!! The square needed to be knocked down and start again!! We are paying for all this, with NO input!! We are losing all the character of the area.


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