Work begins to transform eyesore Carlton office block

 Work begins to transform eyesore Carlton office block

DBH House

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Work has begun to transform an eyesore former office block in Carlton Square into modern new apartments.

The DBH office block in Carlton Square– which has been empty for many years– will now be transformed into 1,2 and 3 bedroomed apartments .

WORK BEGINS: Builders have started transforming DBH House in Carlton Square
ARTIST’S IMPRESSION: How DBH House will look from the outside when work is completed later in 2017

The building will house 45 apartments in total.

It is expected the new apartments will be ready for occupation during quarter four 2017.

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  • Will they be using cladding?

  • Waste of money trying to create something out of this eyesore.The building is a child of its times , which were the 1970s , not fit for today’s purposes.
    The whole Carlton shopping centre should be levelled and started again with a more open market type flavour.
    Makes you wonder who makes these decisions.

  • Can’t look any worse than it does now, but as Andy Lang says better use could have been made of the space!!

  • I totally agree with Andy’s comments. These inwards looking shopping centres were a product of the 70s. The view of the rear of the shops from Station Road is not inviting. Knock the lot down and start again!

  • Best news ive heard all year. Such an eyesore !

  • Andy has hit the nail on the head. Wake up GBC and smell the coffee its 2017. The building is awful we all agree on but the surrounding area called Carlton Square is equally so. The word proactive is often used by councils these days such as the rediculous bus lane project being carried out on the Colwick bypass costing £3.5million which is our money being just being wasted while we still have this dreadful eyesore called Carlton Square.
    I realise there are businesses which are crucial to parts of the community based in C.S. but surely just converting a 60-70s building is not going to cover up the cracks in the immediate area. I presume the developers will be paying for most of this work not the council. In addition the 2 blocks of flats opposite look just horrendous but I’m sure work called be carried out externally to improve the aesthetics without too much hardship to the people living there.
    Obviously we now know what is already going ahead and yes with the existing housing shortage I guess around 100 people will benefit from there new home but there also 1000’s of others who will not benefit so why can’t the council see the bigger problem called Carlton Square.
    As for Netherfield road setup…lets not go there!!!! (Literally)

  • totally agree, You cant polish a t**d, only roll it in glitter which is exactly whats happening here…and where are you going to park all the cars associated with these new apartments?

  • Ha, also love the way they make the Walton Court flats look lovely….yep, thats the ones in white fronts that are actually green slime and algae on them and look god awful!

  • Oh and just for the record….not one single English workman on this project, not a one. Foreign Eastern European workers, of which very few even speak english. Its not being racist…its how it is! Ive seen them all sat outside at break babbling away in foreign. I see them all every morning troup down Carlton Hill at 0730. Cheap labour, bigger profit.And for the record, this picture is a totally different version to the multi-coloured sides and glass of the first one. Hmmm.

  • I agree, no point in polishing a turd. Some lovely victorian buildings were demolished to create carlton square, the square should be levelled and something more in keeping with the remaining historic buildings put up.
    It’s sad to see the council continuing there quest to supress more of carlton’s history, the latest being the aquisition of Rose cottage for demolition, probably to make a few more parking spaces for the apartments.

  • The cottage has now gone.

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