Wind power was once welcomed in Woodborough

 Wind power was once welcomed in Woodborough

Photo shows the wind pump circa 1929 situated just off Lingwood Lane with the backdrop of Ploughman Wood.

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In view of the ongoing controversy about the wind turbine on Bank Hill it is perhaps worth remembering that a similar, though smaller structure, was a familiar and well accepted sight in Lingwood Lane for over 70 years, writes David Bagley of Woodborough Heritage.

Public supply of piped water was only brought to Woodborough in 1938 and so until then everyone had toWindmill Field 1950 (01) rely on local wells and springs. This was not enough for the owner of Woodborough Hall, Mr Charles Hose Hill, who was also concerned for several farms and property in the village. In 1895 he planned a system of piped water to serve these buildings and had a wind pump erected in the Bracken Field, in Lingwood Lane below Stanley Wood.

Built by a firm in Newark this was a 60 foot tower with 18 foot diameter sails and pumped water up to a brick reservoir on top of Stanley Wood. From there gravity fed water through pipes to the Hall, to the Middle Manor and Manor Farm buildings and also to Wood Barn farm and Bank Hill farm. Digging a reservoir on top of the hill would have been hard work, dug by hand and quarried out of the rock, not to mention the pipe lines involved.

This wind pump continued to function for fifty years up to the mid 1970’s by which time mining subsidence had affected the water table and so it fell into disuse. However the tower was not demolished until 1986 so remained a well known landmark and a part of the local scene for very many years. The photo attached is from David Rose circa 1971.

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