People in Gedling urged to download app that could save their life

 People in Gedling urged to download app that could save their life

PICTURED: What3Words app could save your life

People in Gedling borough are being urged to download a new free app that has already saved people’s lives.

What3Words is a smartphone app which gives every 3×3 square metre of the globe a unique three-word code. For example, Gedling Country Park is ‘’. Arnold Market is ‘expand.fleet.master’.

The app can help 999 call handlers to find out your exact location if you are lost, stranded or in trouble of any kind.

The three words never change and because the app relies on an algorithm and not a database, it can be used on devices with limited storage and no internet connection.

The geocoding app not only puts an end to unclear addresses and hard-to-find pubs, but the emergency services have praised it for its ability to potentially save lives.

So if you’re lost in the middle of the Gedling Country Park on a cold December night and have no directions to go on, you can just give rescuers your three-word code and within minutes they will know where you are.

How to use What3Words

It’s simple — all you need to do is download the app and type in an address, either a current location or somewhere you’re travelling to.

The app will then give you a three-word address you can share with your friends or the emergency services.

And it works pretty much everywhere – from the centre of Nottingham to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, you’ll be given three randomly assigned words to use instead of an address.

It is compatible with other apps such as Google Maps, Apple Maps and Waze (you can just simply enter the code into the other apps’ search bar). It is also voice-activated.

What3Words is free to use for those who download the app.

Gedling Eye Reporter

Gedling Eye Reporter

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