Home News Wetherspoons pubs across Gedling borough plan to reopen in June, despite UK lockdown

Wetherspoons pubs across Gedling borough plan to reopen in June, despite UK lockdown

by Gedling Eye Reporter
Ernhale Arnold

Pub chain Wetherspoon’s has announced plans to reopen its bars across Gedling borough in June.

Britain’s biggest chain – which owns pubs on in the borough including The Free Man in Carlton and The Ernehale in Arnold – has revealed it is in talks to reopen branches across the UK in time for summer.

Although plans have now started, the company stated would only open up for business if permitted by the government.

The pub chain hope to benefit from having bigger venues than their local borough rivals.

PICTURED: The Free Man in Carlton could reopen in June

In an after-hours stock market announcement, the business said: “The company is likely to make some changes to its operating model, assuming increased social distancing, and anticipates a gradual recovery in customer numbers.

“Wetherspoon pubs are substantially larger than average, and most have outside facilities. The company believes these factors are likely to assist if social distancing measures apply.”

Tim Martin, founder of the pub giant, said: “The Covid-19 outbreak is having a severe impact on the UK pub sector. In these challenging times I would like to thank everyone at the company, its suppliers, landlords, banks and the government for their support and commitment.

“We’ve had to take significant action to reduce costs, decisions which have not been taken lightly. We look forward to re-opening our pubs and hotels and welcoming back our teams in the near future.”

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david May 5, 2020 - 6:45 am

The “Erndale in Stockton” or the Ernehale in Arnold?

Gedling Eye May 5, 2020 - 4:39 pm

Good spot, David. Corrected now.

david May 5, 2020 - 6:49 pm

Still part incorrect i’m afraid. It’s the “Ernehale”.


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