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Gedling residents call for Westdale Lane car park night-time closure

Residents living in Gedling are calling for a car park to be closed off at night to cut down on anti-social behaviour.

Those living near the site between Westdale Lane Surgery and Peak Pharmacy on Westdale Lane say it attracts people late at night who create noise. They also say it’s becoming a ‘health hazard’ due to litter left there by those using the car park to eat food bought from the nearby takeaways.

Complaints have now been made to Gedling Borough Council and a neighbourhood warden has visited asking the surgery and chemist to have their car park cleaned on a weekly basis.

Jane Cook lives on Victoria Street and is one of the residents calling for action.

PICTURED: Litter found in the car park at Westdale Lane (PHOTO: Jane Cook)
(PHOTO: Jane Cook)
PICTURED: The car park on Westdale Lane (IMAGE: Google)

She told Gedling Eye: “Myself and others are very frustrated by the situation with the car park.

“Ideally, we’d like it closed at night as it attracts anti-social behaviour, but if that can’t happen then it needs to be kept clean.

“We did have a neighbourhood warden from the council come and visit and they ordered it to be cleaned on a weekly basis, but this isn’t happening. I’ve had to do it myself.

Jane called the site ‘squalid’ and has been taking photos of food and packaging waste found during her clean ups.

“You don’t expect a site next to a doctor’s surgery to be so messy. You’d think they would have an interest in public health. It’s a disgrace,” she said.

“We just want the problem sorted as soon as possible. Something needs to be done.”

Mrs Cook said she has contacted Environmental Health about the issue.

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Gedling Eye contacted Westdale Lane Surgery and Peak Pharmacy for comment.

Peak Pharmacy said they didn’t wish to comment on the claims.

A spokesman for Gedling Borough Council said: “It’s standard that if we receive a report of anti-social behaviour or littering we will send a Neighbourhood Warden to the area and we will advise the owner of the land that they must keep it clean or we can take enforcement action.

“In response to your readers concerns our wardens will increase patrols of the area and we have also advised our CCTV operators to watch this site closely to see if there’s any anti-social behaviour taking place.”

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  1. think residents of Burton road. carlton. would like a crossing somewhere along the road. The corner near freemans terrace is a nighmare to cross.

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