WhatsApp Waitrose scam message warning

 WhatsApp Waitrose scam message warning

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Shoppers in Gedling borough are being targeted by a Waitrose voucher scam designed to steal personal information.

The scam message doing the rounds on WhatsApp claims to offer victims a free £250 gift voucher to anyone, inviting people to follow a link and then complete out a form in order to claim theirs.

The scam link is designed to look like it takes you to the Waitrose website, but it actually takes you to one hosted by criminals so they can harvest your personal information.

Experts are now telling people receiving these messages to look out for key signs that they are fake.

(IMAGE: Dorset Police)

Closer inspection of the url provides an indication that the offer is indeed suspicious, with no dot over the ‘i’ in ‘Waitrose’.

Another clue is in the bad grammar: “voucher worth of £250”.

Scam-busters Action Fraud are warning people who receive this message to delete it immediately and suggest that anyone who has fallen victim to this scam to report it online or call 0300 123 2040.


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