Vote of no confidence in Nottingham East MP Chris Leslie

 Vote of no confidence in Nottingham East MP Chris Leslie

PICTURED: Chris Leslie MP

A Mapperley Labour branch has passed a vote of no confidence in the Nottingham East MP Chris Leslie.

The Labour MP, who has represented the constituency since 2010, said his party had been infiltrated by the “intolerant hard left”, and that the move had been “orchestrated nationally”.

PICTURED: Chris Leslie MP

Seperate votes of no confidence were passed against two other MPs this week – Joan Ryan and Gavin Shuker.

The vote against Mr Leslie was held by the Mapperley Labour Party. A wider vote will now be held with the whole of the Nottingham East Labour members.

The Mapperley vote of no confidence passed ‘overwhelmingly’ on Wednesday night, by around 80 percent of the estimated 30 people who were there.

But Mr Leslie has said it will “not distract him” from serving his constituents.

Labour member Steve Jansky was at the meeting, and voted in favour of the vote of no confidence.

He said: “Chris is one of those people who doesn’t support the leadership, against the wishes of the membership, who voted for him (Jeremy Corbyn) twice, overwhelmingly.

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“He (Mr Leslie) seems to be on speed dial with the BBC whenever they want a negative view of Jeremy Corbyn.

“It’s all about democracy. The MP should reflect the views of the party and the local membership.”

A vote of no confidence is now expected to be held on the MP by Labour party members from across his constituency. If he lost, he would not be obliged to stand down as an MP.

Mr Jansky said: “My view is that he (Mr Leslie) will lose that vote.”

Mr Jansky said he is not a member of Momentum, a left-wing Labour group supporting Jeremy Corbyn, nor were the majority of people who voted against the MP.

Mr Leslie, speaking about the vote of no confidence in two other MPs as well as himself, said: “These are obviously motions now being orchestrated nationally by the leadership’s machine.

“Sadly, the recent infiltration of Labour by a small band of intolerant hard left elements means that they will target MPs who stand up to antisemitism and stand firm for what they believe in.

“I can reassure my constituents it will not distract me from continuing to represent the best interests of Nottingham East.”


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