Volunteers wanted to help improve Colwick Country Park

 Volunteers wanted to help improve Colwick Country Park

Colwick Country Park

Sessions are now being organised for those wanting to give up their time to help improve Colwick Country Park.

Park rangers have organised the sessions which will take place on the first Wednesday of each month and begin in December.

Volunteers attending the sessions will be asked to help out with litter picking, renovating paths, cutting back vegetation, renovating park benches, painting and fencing repairs.

Those attending the sessions will get the opportunity to learn new skills and also be included in discussions about the development of the park.

The sessions will be lead by the Park Rangers. Volunteeres will get the opportunity to help maintain the park, and meet other like-minded individuals.

Colwick Country Park manager John Simpson, said: “The aim of the sessions is to allow people to get involved with maintaining the park, meet new people and socialise. They are also a great way to keep fit, enjoy the environment and be involved in discussions about planned developments for the park. The sessions are also rewarding and really fun.

Volunteeres should dress appropriate for the weather and wear suitable footwear. All tools and refreshments will be provided.

Anyone wishing to attend the sessions should contact the park manager on 07971880991. This will allow the rangers to organise the appropriate number of tools for the session, and also identify suitable projects dependant upon numbers.

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