Virgin Media scam email doing the rounds in Gedling borough threatens ‘automatic disconnection’

 Virgin Media scam email doing the rounds in Gedling borough threatens ‘automatic disconnection’
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A Virgin Media scam email is doing the rounds in Gedling borough which threatens recipients with “automatic disconnection” due to “invalid billing information”.

Action Fraud has received reports about this fake email that claims to be from the popular broadband and digital television provider.

The convincing scam email has the distinctive Virgin Media logo and branding, and looks completely legitimate. It threatens customers they are facing “automatic disconnection” due to “invalid billing information” and asks that they take immediate action to prevent this by entering their username and password.

The links provided within the scam e-mail lead to genuine-looking phishing websites that are designed to steal Virgin Media account login details.

PICTURED: A copy of the scam email (IMAGE: Action Fraud)

A spokeswoman for Action Fraud said:“The people behind these scams will use a lot of different organisations, so this week the Virgin Media scam was the most reported, but recently there was a TV licensing scam, and they have also targeted BT, and other broadband companies, as well as banks and online businesses, in a similar way.

“It’s always the same M/O and the sites they use now are very convincing. The information they can access depends on what information people have uploaded, so if they get your Virgin Media log in and your bank details or other personal details are there, they will have access to all of that, and you could find they clone your bank card or you become a victim of identity fraud.”

A Virgin Media spokesperson said, “We are aware of a fraudulent email scam, designed to look like it’s from Virgin Media, which suggests customers are at risk of ‘automatic disconnection’ due to invalid billing information. Don’t click on the links or attachments in suspicious e-mails, and never respond to messages that ask for your personal or financial details.”


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  • I am also receiving telephone calls threatening to cut me off my virgin TV and broadband and telling me to press 1 on my phone they say they are calling from BT and the voice is a well spoken one very similar to the male speaking clock mans voice. But they are very intimidating but I just put the phone down. However I realised that they had not disconnected because when I tried to ring my daughter the line was showing IN USE.

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