Viewers in borough ditching paid TV services in droves

 Viewers in borough ditching paid TV services in droves
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Viewers in Gedling borough are ditching paid TV subscriptions services in their droves and turning to illegal streams to access content, new research has revealed.

A new study from YouGov suggests that 10% of the population (around 4.9 million adults) are currently using modified Kodi software and Amazon Fire TV Chipped Sticks to access the illegal streams. Many also use illegal streaming apps on their smartphones and tablets.

The research highlights the scale of the challenge that pirated streaming pose to subscription services.

Since they entered the mainstream around 12 months ago, paid-for TV providers have come under significant pressure with one in seven (17%) users of the platforms – around 830,000 people – having already cancelled at least one subscription service.

However, the number of subscriptions cancelled is likely to be lower given the discrepancy between households and individuals.


A spokesperson for YouGov said: “While we have started to see the damage this is causing to paid-for subscriptions – notably for sports and film channels – the indications are that this is just the beginning.

“Approaching a third (31%) of those who use pirated streaming platforms but who have paid-for TV services believe they will cancel their subscriptions over the next 12 months.

“Not only are those currently using these services starting to end their subscriptions to paid-for TV services, but over six in ten (63%) say they will recommend them to friends and family.”

The study also includes findings from a series of focus groups YouGov ran both to explore the motivations of those who currently access the pirated platforms and the attitudes of those thinking of using them.

They revealed that one felt that by using a pirate streaming platform they were not harming the industry as it already makes a lot of money.

They stated that “ultimately the movie industry is booming…it is insignificant what they lose from streaming.”

Meanwhile the price of subscriptions meant that some feel as though they aren’t getting value for money from pay TV. One person thinking of abandoning their subscriptions in favour of using a pirated streaming platform had “mixed feelings” about the move as it would be “likely to increase prices for others.”

However, they felt that sports streams are “ripping of the consumer and can see why people feel justified” in avoiding pay TV services.


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