Traveller camp ban to protect sites across Gedling borough

 Traveller camp ban to protect sites across Gedling borough

PICTURED: Civic Centre at Arnot Hill Park

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A tough new traveller ban has been granted giving protection to open areas across Gedling borough.

Gedling Borough Council has been granted an injunction by the courts that bans any unauthorised encampments within the borough.

The council’s legal team put a case to Nottinghamshire County Court who granted the injunction, the first of its kind in Nottinghamshire, banning anyone from setting up an unauthorised encampment within Gedling Borough.

The injunction means that anyone who sets up an unauthorised encampment within the borough can be held in contempt of court, liable to imprisonment, fined or have assets seized. The court granted the injunction until the end of October.

Last week, there was an unauthorised encampment in the car park of the Richard Herrod Leisure Centre, Carlton. Council officers, with the support of private bailiffs, removed them from the site within two days.

PICTURED: The Richard Herrod Centre in Carlton

The council has previously had success in the removal of unauthorised encampments through action under common law as landowners, using private bailiffs and court orders however, this is the first time the council has successfully been able to gain an injunction that covers the entire borough.

Leader of Gedling Borough Council, Cllr John Clarke said: “We are really pleased that the courts have finally granted us this injunction that bans illegal encampments across the borough.

“Evicting illegal encampments, unfortunately, is not as simple as it should be. There is a legal process that is required to take place and, as a council, we are very limited with the powers we have available to evict occupiers. It’s frustrating for us and it’s frustrating for residents.

“Our legal team have done a fantastic job at finding new ways to get eviction orders that we can use across the borough. We will continue to challenge any unauthorised encampments and remove them as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

Gedling Eye Reporter

Gedling Eye Reporter

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