Carlton Station passenger numbers

Off-peak numbers are increasing. For example on Wed, Oct 17. I saw five trains  (10,08, 10.55, 11.08, 14.08 and 15.55) with 50 passengers, an average of 10 per train. On Wednesday, Sept 12 there were 43 on and 4 off the 08.08 to Derby. The previous record was on Wednesday, April 18 which was 42 on and 3 off.

I am often asked why there is no train from Nottingham at 20.30 on weekdays. The reason is that the London St. Pancras to Lincoln train fills this gap, but does not call at Carlton. Since the May timetable it actually leaves Nottingham at 20.00. This is our only 2 hour gap.

Carlton Station car park

A 20-tonne load of shingle has been spread over the car park, and this has cured the muddy parts so you won’t get your shoes dirty. An abandoned car has been there for three months (Oct 29) and attempts are being made to have it taken away. It could be classed as fly tipping! The far end of the car park belongs to Network Rail.

Busy train

The 11.24am Carlton to Leicester  is expected to be extremely busy until the end of December. If possible use the 11.08 and change at Nottingham.

Gripe over station announcements on Platform 2

Don’t always take what you hear as gospel, but if in doubt check with the help point (blue button). For example, you might hear an announcement that a train is cancelled, however, although a train from Matlock may be cancelled, usually the service is re-instated from Nottingham, so everything runs as normal between Nottingham and Newark, but it will still announce it is cancelled, even when it is running into the platform!

What annoys me is when a departure at say 09.55 is reported cancelled at 08.58, before the 08.58 has left. One day the 08.58 was 12 mins late and the announcement that the 09.15 was cancelled was misheard by 2 people waiting, thinking their train was cancelled, so they walked off the platform. I was on the other side and the barriers were down for the 09.05 so I could not get across to them.

Another ‘gripe’ is if a train is say running 5 mins late, it will not announce this until the time the train should leave.Finally, the next train to arrive at Platform 1 is the 09.05 to Matlock. This train is delayed (groan from those waiting, except regulars) and will now depart at 09.06! That’s enough for now.

Leaf-fall season

Some trains arrive from Lincoln up to 2 minutes later. However, a few, of the Matlock to Newark trains have been re-timed to leave Nottingham 2 minutes earlier than shown in the timetable. 09.00 from Carlton is now 08.58. These retimings commenced on Sept 3 and I thought it was while work was being undertaken at Derby station and extra trains were using the line between Trent Junction and Derby.


Netherfield Station affected by engineering work

This takes place on Sunday, November 4, 11 and Sat. 10th. Liverpool to Norwich trains will not run via Grantham, so no 17.42 (Sun.) or 08.32 (Sat.). Also bus replacement on Skegness services for part of the route on the two Sundays, so no trains at all calling at Netherfield.

Sunday trains to Skegness

“Why can’t we have trains to Skegness on Sundays?” “We don’t want to travel into Nottingham!” These aren’t questions I can answer, but perhaps in the new franchise we may get these trains back. In Summer 2001 there were seven trains on Sundays from Netherfield to Skegness, more than on weekdays!

Station adopters conference

This was held on October 18 at Derby County Football Ground (Pedigree Suite).

Francis and I attended, along with over 100 adopters from East Midlands Trains (EMT) stations. After being welcomed by the managing director we were given a business update on improvements taking place. Plans continue as usual, despite the current franchise ending in August 2019, because the railway continues to need upgrading and improving to cope with increased demand.

Next was a safety briefing, reminding us of what we can and cannot do as station adopters. Following this was a question and answer session. I asked why the cycle and disabled symbols on carriage doors couldn’t be improved so they are easy to spot as the train approaches. Some companies have very visual signs. Hope they take this on board.

Another person asked why at unstaffed stations with no ticket machines, a more prominent sign couldn’t be displayed to say that tickets can be bought on the train. Something I have asked about in the past as so many people ask me where the ticket machine is, or travel to Nottingham the day before to purchase their ticket. Others are put off travelling as they don’t want to find they incur a penalty payment on the train.

A hot buffet lunch followed at 12.15.

Afternoon sessions were split into four groups for items on social media (the presenter was given a copy of my newsletter), fundraising, Bumblebee Conservation Trust and three large groups of adopters displayed their promotional material (Derwent Valley, Derby to Crewe and Poacher Line).

Lastly there was a slideshow of stations and groups who have won awards for their improvement works.

If you would like information about Station Adoption I have leaflets or visit

We went on the 09.05 to Derby (14 on, 1 off) and were back at Carlton 15.55 (1 on, 14 off), Incidentally, EMT now has 345 adopters, an increase of 94 this year.

In brief…

Railcards: A new card for 26-30 year olds to be introduced shortly. Senior available at all times except in London and the South East in the morning peak.

Increase: ‘RAIL’ magazine reports that the number of passengers in Autumn 2017 in the morning peak, rose at all major cities outside London, with Nottingham recording the highest percentage growth in daily passenger numbers to 33,100. Up 4.5% from 2016’s figure Pail infrastructure investment. Spending per head in 2016-17 in London was more than 10 times that of the East Midlands

Lincoln Christmas market:This takes place between Thursday, December 6 and Sunday 9. Additional trains from Carlton to Lincoln and return will operate as follows: Thu. 6th. 13.35 Carlton to Lincoln (Leicester to Lincoln service) Fri. 7th. 11.35 & 13.35 Carlton to Lincoln. T11735 from Lincoln calls Carlton 20.28. 21.40 ,g) Lincoln calls Carlton 22.32 as usual, but extended to Derb Sat. car Meridians. Travel in front coaches from Lincoln to Carlton. Carlton dep: *09.07 *11.09 12.40 *13.56 Lincoln dep: *15.03 *17.08 ‘18.30 19.08 Lincoln arr: 09.59 12.08 13.32 14.53 Carlton arr: 15.49 17.59 19.25 20.01
On Sunday 9: Carlton dep: 10.36 Lincoln arr. 11.36  Lincoln dep: 15.08 16.56 19.03 Carlton arr: 16.19 17.46 19.55

Christmas and New Year trains: No trains on December 25 and 26. Weekday service on Jan from around 08.30.

For more information contact Tony Cave via email [email protected]




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