Gedling Conservative candidate welcomes government school funding boost

 Gedling Conservative candidate welcomes government school funding boost

Gedling borough’s primary and secondary schools will receive a 4.38 per cent funding increase next year from the government.

Secondary school pupils will receive a minimum of £5,000 per pupil next year with every primary school pupil receiving a minimum of £4,000 by 2021-22.

The Gedling parliamentary candidate for the Conservative Party, Tom Randall, welcomed this new funding, saying the commitment would reassure parents of the government’s promise to deliver the best for their children.

PICTURED: Tom Randall is the Conservative candidate for Gedling

He said: “This new funding will also target those schools who need support the most coupled with a bold reform agenda in education and the work of Ofsted will make sure that every parent can be sure their children are getting the world class education they deserve in classrooms across Nottinghamshire.”

The Government has confirmed schools in Nottinghamshire will receive 4.36% more funding per pupil next year as part of the recent multi-billion investment in primary and secondary education. 

This funding follows the Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement in August that the budget for schools and high needs would be increased by a total of over £14 billion over three years, rising to £52.2 billion by 2022-23.

The government has said this extra money, available from April, will ensure that per-pupil funding for all schools can rise at least in line with inflation and ‘will deliver promised gains in full for areas which have been historically under-funded’.

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  • Dear Tom Randle just a note to say my husband and I will be voting for you in the general election. Linda Parkin.

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