Gedling Conservatives select Tom Randall as candidate to take on Labour’s Vernon Coaker in next election

 Gedling Conservatives select Tom Randall as candidate to take on Labour’s Vernon Coaker in next election

PICTURED: Tom Randall is the Conservative candidate for Gedling

A former Oxford student from Arnold is set to take on Labour to stand as a Conservative parliamentary candidate in Gedling at the next general election.

Tom Randall has now been selected as the Conservative candidate for Gedling by members of Gedling Conservative Association.

Tom grew up and was educated in Arnold. He went on to read law at Oxford and currently works for a professional membership body.

Mr Randall said he will focus his campaign on championing the benefits of Brexit, ‘so our country gets back on the road to a brighter future.’

BATTLE: Mr Randall will have to defeat Vernon Coaker MP to claim the Gedling seat in the next election

He also wants to ensure Gedling gets its share of the 20,000 new police officers announced by the Prime Minister and ‘making sure they have the powers to keep local streets safe’.

Mr Randall said: “I am delighted to be selected as the Conservative candidate for Gedling, I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to represent the place I call home.”

“I believe in serving society and local communities, standing up for those who do the right thing, those who do the work, those who raise families and those who start the businesses which fund our public services.

“With Boris Johnson as Prime Minister, only the Conservatives can get Brexit done by October 31 so that we can deliver the change people want across Gedling with a great new deal.

“I want to become MP for Gedling to make sure the people of this area see their hard work recognised and rewarded and I’ll be a local champion with a plan to get things done, making sure local people see a difference and have their views and opinions heard loud and clearly,” he added.


  • Well at least his one is from Nottingham.
    I will not be voting tory though.
    Look at the state of the country with nearly a decade of Conservative Government.
    Granted helped bu “New Labour” the previous government, which let’s face it was a watered down Tory government.

    • So you are happy with ‘Corbyn’ Labour where Labour MPs are bullied, racism is rife, and Momentum (Not a an organisation voted for by any member of the public!) have ultimate power…….. you need to look at what goes on at local party level….. I know many Labour members who are sick of the bullying …………

    • Oh and forgot to mention deaths threats by Labour members to Labour MPs – who were mostly women !

  • The big question is: Will you support Boris Johnson in getting B Brexit done without a deal with the European Commissariat on October 31st or will you use your position to scupper ‘No Deal’? Can I trust you?

    • Richard, I voted Brexit. Who was it that got us into this mess? The tories leapt onto the EU gravy train, just like Farage they all scream anti EU but are they really? The simple answer is they’re not! If they were then they would refuse to sit in the European Parliament. Johnson will sellout the Brexit voters to save his own skin. Jeremy Corbyn is being strangled by pro remain blairites and even if we had another referendum Brexit will WIN. Tory austerity has destroyed our nation and they will not stop. Look at our state schools starved of the essentials, unlike Oxford educated Tom Randall he clearly hasn’t suffered this. In his open address speech he praises ‘businesses who ‘fund’ public services.’ It was his regime of tories who’d gave £Billions of NHS cash to Carillion who went ‘bankrupt’ leaving health workers unpaid while its directors ended up on their yachts in the Caribbean. Trump and Johnson’s tories will sellout and sell off our NHS to American fatcat private healthcare providers. We have a great chance to elect a proper labour government under
      Jeremy to rebuild our nation creating decent jobs for our kids and ending the vile tory perpetual austerity that’d already killed over 120,000 UK citizens as reported by the British Medical Association in the British Medical Journal. Randall will continue to prop up the very reasons why millions of working people are forced to use Food Banks and lie and con us all into thinking they’ll put 20,000 back onto our streets when in fact THEY cut well above these numbers of police from our streets in the first place. Randall represents the elite unlike Jeremy Corbyn who’ll demand they pay their fair share of taxes to help fund our essential public services.
      Best regards

  • I voted Brexit and this public school (Oxford educated toff) Tom Randall’s diatribe of nonsense and lies about our Labour MP Vernon Coaker in being anti-brexit is utterly ridiculous. Vernon has worked so hard in our state schools and he understands the hatred the tories hold against cash-starved state schools, many of which can’t afford the essentials like books, chalk, pens and paper. Randall belongs to an elite of tories who waged appalling austerity resulting in over 120,000 UK deaths as reported by the British Medical Association. Voters will not be conned or fooled into letting this tory toff into becoming our MP. Where was Randall when tory austerity cut more than 20,000 police from our streets? Pretending that the tories will put back the 20,000 lost police jobs shows he holds contempt for the electorate of Gedling Borough and we won’t be fooled. Labour under Jeremy Corbyn will transform this country to levels of equality and fairness for our Drs Nurses, the poor and the working nation. The tories care nothing about the appalling damage they’ve done to our nation, millions forced to use Food Banks, record numbers of attacks on our pensioners, the disabled, the homelessness. Randall let’s slip where he ‘praises’ businesses ‘funding our public services’ what he means is companies profiting off the suffering of the elderly, Carillion who raided the NHS being one case in question leaving the taxpayers with a bill of £Billions of pounds, YES BILLIONS! while health workers weren’t paid and the Directors bathing on their speedboats in the Caribbean – Randall belongs to that elite! I’d have a labour MP any day over a tory who has destroyed this nation and have ensured austerity is here to stay. The unelected EU beaucrates are a disgrace and Randall is exploiting the tory turmoil which HIS regime of tories created. Give me Vernon Coaker MP any day because he will continue to fight for fairness, equality and justice for all of his constituents. Tory britain is already ganging up with Trump to sell off and sellout our NHS to mega rich american private healthcare companies. Standing with Vernon means we all stand together to end Randall’s tory austerity ensuring Jeremy Corbyn’s labour government will indeed drive out greedy American financiers and ensure we all have a stake in our society.

  • So this several times loser is trying to win Gedling? The words body, dead, my and over come to mind but not necessarily in that order.

    • The guy is actually Arnold born and went to Redhill Comprehensive not like Compton Acres Coaker, who was too scared to challenge for that constituency

      • Hang on mate but Coaker has been a public school teacher and I believe has taught in a school in Arnold. Just because he wasn’t born there doesn’t mean he can’t be apart of our community and represent it. Vernon has served our constituency well since he’s been our MP and let’s hope to another 5years with him.

  • Who is a remainer and who is not, that’s what I would like to know. Oxford education to me would be a remainer. I believe Vernon to be Brexit oriented. But I will vote Brexit party to be sure

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