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Gedling Conservatives select Tom Randall as candidate to take on Labour’s Vernon Coaker in next election

A former Oxford student from Arnold is set to take on Labour to stand as a Conservative parliamentary candidate in Gedling at the next general election.

Tom Randall has now been selected as the Conservative candidate for Gedling by members of Gedling Conservative Association.

Tom grew up and was educated in Arnold. He went on to read law at Oxford and currently works for a professional membership body.

Mr Randall said he will focus his campaign on championing the benefits of Brexit, ‘so our country gets back on the road to a brighter future.’

BATTLE: Mr Randall will have to defeat Vernon Coaker MP to claim the Gedling seat in the next election

He also wants to ensure Gedling gets its share of the 20,000 new police officers announced by the Prime Minister and ‘making sure they have the powers to keep local streets safe’.

Mr Randall said: “I am delighted to be selected as the Conservative candidate for Gedling, I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to represent the place I call home.”

“I believe in serving society and local communities, standing up for those who do the right thing, those who do the work, those who raise families and those who start the businesses which fund our public services.

“With Boris Johnson as Prime Minister, only the Conservatives can get Brexit done by October 31 so that we can deliver the change people want across Gedling with a great new deal.

“I want to become MP for Gedling to make sure the people of this area see their hard work recognised and rewarded and I’ll be a local champion with a plan to get things done, making sure local people see a difference and have their views and opinions heard loud and clearly,” he added.

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One Comment

  1. Well at least his one is from Nottingham.
    I will not be voting tory though.
    Look at the state of the country with nearly a decade of Conservative Government.
    Granted helped bu “New Labour” the previous government, which let’s face it was a watered down Tory government.

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