Three men jailed after knifepoint robbery at Stoke Bardolph pub

 Three men jailed after knifepoint robbery at Stoke Bardolph pub
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Three men who robbed a pub in Stoke Bardolph at knifepoint last summer have been jailed.

The men have been jailed for a total of 45 years for robbing a total of three pubs in 2017..

On July 24, 2017 three masked men stormed through the fire escape of Brewhouse pub, Trent Bridge, as employees were leaving at around 12am.

Once inside they forced two employees to lie on the floor, before threatening the manager with a knife to open the safe. They made off with around £10,000.

Two weeks later on August 9, 2017, three masked men climbed up the fire escape of Nottingham Knight pub, West Bridgford, and entered through a first floor window.

Once inside, they found their way to the office and put a wet cloth over the manager’s face as she was in the middle of counting the daily takings.

They threatened her by holding a pair of scissors against her throat and tried to get her to open the safe, before two of them began punching her in the face multiple times, as well as assaulting another member of staff. They emptied the tills and escaped back out of the fire escape.

The third and final robbery happened on August 29 at Ferry Boat Inn, Nottingham.

Liam Campbell, Steven Ward and Nathaniel Smith were arrested after fleeing the scene. A police dog and handler were sent to track them and they were found hiding in some bushes nearby. All three men were charged with robbery and remanded.

Detectives investigating the series linked robberies collected crucial DNA evidence, phone data and multiple witness accounts. Similarities were drawn from all three robberies with critical line-up’s undertaken. Detectives were able to charge Campbell, Ward and Smith with all three robberies.

JAILED: Nathaniel Smith

Nathaniel Smith, 31, of Phoenix Close, The Meadows, initially pleaded not guilty, but changed his plea to guilty on all three counts on the first day of the trial (April 16, 2018). He appeared at Nottingham Crown Court today (27 April) for sentencing. He was given 15 years in total; five years for each robbery to run consecutively.

Steven Ward, 33, of Lammas Gardens, The Meadows, and Liam Campbell, 27, of Osier Road, The Meadows pleaded guilty to the Ferry Boat Inn robbery, but not guilty to the other two. Following a two week trial both were found guilty of the Nottingham Knight robbery, but not guilty to the Brewhouse Pub robbery. They were both jailed for 15 years at Nottingham Crown Court yesterday.

Detective Constable Steve Fenyn said: “I’m very pleased that justice has been served for all three robberies. No one should have to go to work and be subjected to such violent and terrifying ordeals.

“All of the victims have shown great patience and understanding throughout the trial and I’m glad the jury delivered the verdict they deserve.

“Thanks to a combination of great police work, DNA samples, detailed witness accounts and other various evidence that was gathered, three violent criminals are now off the streets of Nottinghamshire.”


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