These are the changes you can expect to see when you next visit your GP in Gedling borough

 These are the changes you can expect to see when you next visit your GP in Gedling borough
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The NHS has today revealed what changes we can expect to see when we next see our GP in Gedling borough following the covid-19 pandemic.

Nottingham and Nottinghamshire CCG has today given details about a number of changes GPs have made to surgeries for when patients start returning across the borough.

Dr James Hopkinson, joint clinical leader at NHS Nottingham and Nottinghamshire CCG, outlined what will be different.

He said: “Health settings have had to adapt to the pandemic and we have seen a large shift in how patients are using our services.

“Our GPs have had to adapt and change the way they operate, and are currently experiencing a return to expected number of patient contacts, and managing them via a variety of different methods. We are now choosing which patients we should see in person based on individual health needs. In certain cases, we can carry out the same level of service over the phone or by video call and we think it is really important that this continues. It will mean our services don’t become overwhelmed and we can carry on caring for patients in a safe way.”

The new changes to healthcare settings mean seeing your GP will be different to normal and you may have to prepare before you go into your local medical centre.

PICTURED: How a surgery waiting room will look like

If a patient does have to go into their local medical practice for an appointment, they will see that a number of changes have been made.

These include:

·       Barriers or floor markings around reception to make sure patients remain two metres away from staff and each other.

·       No leaflets, self-service machines or any magazines to read in the waiting room.

·       Plastic screens around the reception desk.

·       Taped off chairs in the waiting room, or reduce​​d chairs, to ensure social distancing is adhered to.

·       Staff wearing PPE during appointments.

·       Hand sanitizer available and patients encourage to wash hands more frequently.

·       Patients should wear a face mask to appointments.

If you need to contact a GP, do not go into the surgery in person. Instead visit the GP surgery’s website, use an online service, or call your GP. You will then be given advice about what to do next.


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