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There is good news for those seeking Covid-19 jab appointments locally in Gedling borough.

Earlier this week, residents in the borough had been angered after discovering all appointments for the Covid jab were only available 20 miles away, with no option to book one locally on the new NHS appointment system.

When using the previous Swiftqueue system people requiring a jab could book a slot at the Richard Herrod Centre in Carlton. But since Swiftqueue was replaced by a national NHS appointment booking system, jab appointments were only available in Derby, Sheffield and Leicester.

Following complaints from residents, Gedling Borough Councillor Henry Wheeler contacted chief executive of Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS, Dr John Brewin seeking a resolution.

Vaccination Gedling
People were being vaccinated at the Richard Herrod Centre in Carlton

Mr Brewin said he was ‘aware of the issue’ and had good news to pass on regarding local appointments.

Mr Brewin told Councillor Wheeler: “Over the last two weeks our programme has hit its peak for vaccine second doses, hence we have had to prioritise our appointment slots for these.

“There have therefore only been a very small number of slots available for first doses. Hence your constituents have been offered appointments further afield.

“Nottingham was a few weeks behind other counties at the start of the vaccine programme, hence this issue is not the same elsewhere.”

Mr Brewin added: “The good news is that this peak is passing and we will have significantly more first dose appointments from next week and onwards.

“It also looks promising for longer term vaccine supply and hopefully we will be able to avoid such situations in the future.”

Councillor Henry Wheeler said:  “I am really pleased that this situation will be resolved and from next week significantly more local appointments will become available”.

“Local residents shouldn’t be forced to travel long distances to get an appointment”.




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