TECH TIPS: Never give PC access to cold callers

It has become apparent that over the last year the way in which we are targeted for cyber crime has moved from online attacks to telephone attacks.

Now it is a regular occurrence when someone calls pertaining to be from a well known company, Microsoft, BT etc.

Once they’ve talked their way in, they’ll have you sat in front of your PC and leading you through an exercise in viewing some part of the PC which means absolutely nothing to you, yet their story convinces you that something is seriously wrong, even with that doubt in the back of your mind they’re asking you to look at something on your screen which which could be an issue, or to them is a serious issue which is spreading harm across the internet!

At that point your doubt has disappeared and fear has kicked in, they’ve gained your trust and now they want to help you, they’ll direct you to a website which will then allow them to gain remote access to your PC.

All the time they are talking to you, explaining what they are doing, however in the background they are transferring an encryption to the BIOS and loading a lock on the PC. After a while that doubt has kicked back in followed once again by the fear, except the fear this time is knowing this is a scam and you’ve fallen hook line and sinker!

You’re now either listening to their demands for money to complete the clean up of your PC, or you’ve hung up the phone and turned off your internet router cutting their connection to your PC, either way it’s too late!

You think you’ve survived but the next time you turn off the PC and back on again you find you’re locked out….

They haven’t got your credit card details, so you’ve inconvenienced them in their efforts, but in return they’ve inconvenience you by locking the PC.

In the last week they’ve even phoned me, knowing they’re scammers, I get the pleasure to play dumb and lead them down the garden path, before revealing they’re not getting a thing from me! Its 10 minutes spent so someone. somewhere is saved for now.

It’s not all doom and gloom as we can access your folder structure and backup your data, a reinstall of Windows and you’re back up and running in less than 24 hours.

But please never give access to your PC to a cold caller, these companies will never call & ask you to do that, if in doubt hang up and seek advice.

  • Simon Salvin lives in Mapperley and runs Simple PC – which offers tech support. You can find their website at


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