Knife crime stop and searches carried out in Gedling as part of Operation Sceptre

Officers in plain clothes have carried out stop and searches in Gedling in a bid to combat knife crime in the area.

The Police officers were deployed in Gedling yesterday as part of #OpSceptre.

They confirmed that two people had been stopped and the searched for knives and no weapons were recovered.

Nottinghamshire Police tweeted: ”If you know someone who is carrying a knife tell us anonymously via Crimestoppers 0800555111 #livesnotkives

Operation Sceptre is a seven-day initiative that began on Monday, with all police forces in England and Wales taking part.

Surrender bins, stop-and-searches and weapon sweeps are being carried out in a bid to target people who regularly carry blades.

Surrender bins have been placed at several locations in Gedling

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