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Stoke Lane beauty spot is hit again by fly-tippers

by David Bratton
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Tyres dumped on Stoke Lane in Stoke Bardolph

It’s one of Gedling borough’s most beautiful spots – and it’s being ruined by fly-tippers.

The latest mess was spotted next to the River Trent on Stoke Lane by local resident Kate McCombie this morning (January 30).

This pile of tyres in Stoke Bardolph will now have to be cleared by Gedling Borough Council after the fly-tipping incident was reported by Trent Valley councillor Michael Adams.

The location has become a hotspot for fly-tippers. It’s the second time this month that rubbish has been dumped at the site.

Tyres dumped on Stoke Lane in Stoke Bardolph
The pile of tyres dumped on Stoke Lane (PICTURE: Kate McCombie)

Trent Valley councillor Michael Adams told Gedling Eye: “Our fight against illegal fly tipping continues and despite arranging daily warden checks and a request for permanent CCTV on Stoke Lane, it shows no sign of stopping.

“We will request again with Gedling Borough Council to re-emphise the importance of doing more. Our permanent CCTV request was denied on effectiveness basis, all we know currently is the effectiveness of existing measures are not acting as a deterrent.

“We know from information from Gedling wardens each visit without asbestos present costs £250; it’s £550 if asbestos is present. We are always seeking the best value for residents council tax contribution and feel the permanent CCTV would be that cost effective deterrent we all crave.

He added: “Councillor Sam Smith and I will continue to fight for better prevention methods for Stoke Bardolph and the Trent Valley area.”

You can report incidents of flytipping to Gedling Borough Council here: https://apps.gedling.gov.uk/forms/default.aspx?formid=108

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