Spooky TV show crew descend on village museum hoping to capture strange happenings

 Spooky TV show crew descend on village museum hoping to capture strange happenings

PICTURED: A production team film at the village Folk Museum

A team from a TV film company recently spent a number of days in and around Calverton compiling material for a programme about “strange happenings” in the area.

The production team were busy filming Really TV’s popular show “Help! My House Is Haunted” – with the village being the focus for one of the future episodes.

Part of the team’s time was spent at the Folk Museum where they found out about some of the history of the village, including its origins about 3000 years ago during the Iron Age. Reference was also made to local Roman settlement and how Calverton was mentioned in the Domesday Book in 1086.

The team was also keen to hear about how the hosiery industry had its roots in the village and became an extensive cottage industry particularly during Victorian times.

Other aspects of local history they were interested in included the unique “Roeite” religious sect which existed in Calverton about 250 years ago and more recently the effect that the colliery had on local life.

PICTURED: The film crew arrive at the village Folk Museum

The film crew were mainly interested in the unusual events which have occurred at the museum over the years.  These “happenings” have included a sudden drop in the temperature inside the cottage, noted by visitors on several occasions even in high summer, a hank of spun wool left by a Museum volunteer overnight on the winding frame was found next day to have been removed from the frame and tangled in such a way that it was impossible to unravel. Examples of other oddities include items suddenly disappearing from a room which could not be found despite searches by various people over several days. They would then turn up days later in full sight, lying on the floor right in the centre of the carpet in the same room.

The Calverton edition of “Help! My House Is Haunted!” will be screened on the Really channel later in the year.

Humped zebra crossing on Main Street?

Nottinghamshire County Council has proposed to install a flat-topped road hump (plateau) zebra crossing on Main Street near the Library. The crossing will incorporate a controlled area indicated by zig-zag markings where parking and loading will be prohibited.

Any comments/objections in respect of the zebra crossing or traffic calming proposal must be submitted by August 8.

Fish farm helps fight river pollution

Calverton Fish Farm, run by the Environment Agency, recently supplied 17,000 bream and rudd which were released into the River Witham in Lincolnshire.

This brings the total of fish restocked into the river to 91,000 so far and is part of ongoing efforts to help with its recovery to its natural, healthy state from serious pollution over a year ago when ammonia badly affected part of the river and more than 100 000 fish were killed.

Planning matters

At a recent meeting of GBC Planning Committee conditional permission was granted for the erection of 20 single storey bungalows on the site of the former colliery car park site near North Green. The housing would comprise thirteen one-bedroom bungalows and seven two-bed bungalows.

Further revisions have been submitted by Persimmon Homes to the planning application for up to 365 dwellings, on land between Park Road and North Green with access from Park Road and Collyer Road. The revised plan does not seem to provide for a school or shops on the proposed site.

That’s a-ma(i)ze-ing

A new four-acre Adventure Maze opened at Lime Lane Woods, close to the Arnold Town Football Ground, at the end of July. Formed in a field of maize the site includes a mile-long path designed to bamboozle visitors and will include night-time sessions for those brave enough!

The Maze, which includes hidden activities along the way, is due to stay open until November 1. It is the newest addition to the site which already offers other outdoor craft experiences.

Pres Clips…

The resurfacing of Park Road near the business park is to be welcomed for the resultant smooth ride for traffic, how long before it’s dug up for new road works? Pity the resurfacing wasn’t extended along Park Road East towards the Gleaners to give a longer smooth ride for bus passengers, car drivers and caravans!

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