Police step up speed checks in Calverton and Ravenshead

 Police step up speed checks in Calverton and Ravenshead

PICTURED: Police teams armed with speed guns in Calverton last weekend (PICTURE: Nottinghamshire Police)

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Drivers are being warned to keep their speed in check as police and volunteers step up enforcement in Calverton and Ravenshead

Last weekend a team of local special constables from Nottinghamshire Police were out in force around Calverton and conducting speed enforcement checks following local residents concerns.

Dozens of vehicles were checked during the operation in the village.

Police said that everyone checked was driving appropriately, and within the speed limits.

Volunteers carry out speed checks on Longdale Lane in Ravenshead (PIC: Notts Police)

A spokesman for Nottinghamshire Police said: People in Calverton have spoke and we’ve listened. We’ll continue to provide a visible presence in Calverton and respond to concerns raised by members of the public living, working and visiting the area.

On Friday (May 24) officers also gathered on Longdale Lane in Ravenshead with volunteers from the Community Road Safety team to conduct speed checks.

Speed checks were conducted between 17:30 and 19:15 hours on Longdale Lane by the Leisure Centre.

Police said a number of vehicles were doing over 35mph on hitting the speed gun, however they had slowed down by the time they had hit the second interactive sign.

Only one vehicle was caught doing over 35mph all the way through the monitoring zone, the driver was pulled over by Police and words of advice were given on this occasion.

A spokesman added: “The local Neighbourhood Policing team will continue supporting the Community Road Safety Scheme in Ravenshead, with numerous dates being put in the diary for the future.”


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  • How about having speed cameras in Calverton again.?. Since the lock down drivers are driving in excess of 50 mls per hour up Main Street They need to be stopped!

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