Scam warning over fake Morrisons and Sainsbury’s vouchers

 Scam warning over fake Morrisons and Sainsbury’s vouchers

PICTURED: Scam vouchers

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A man from Carlton is urging people not to fall for a fake supermarket voucher scam doing the rounds in Gedling borough.

Fraudsters are sending out the fake vouchers via email, which claim to be from Sainsbury’s and Morrisons.

The email claims the recipient has been ‘selected’ to win up to £500 worth of supermarket vouchers.

The links in the emails lead to a phishing site that is designed to steal personal information.

The scam vouchers
PICTURED: Scam vouchers

Scambusters, Action Fraud have issued a warning to people following arise in reports about the scam emails.

A spokesman said: “Don’t click on the links or attachments in suspicious emails and never respond to messages asking you for your personal or financial details.”

Scott Howell, from Carlton, was one of the people to receive the email and asked Gedling Eye to raise awareness.

He said: “These are doing the rounds again and are easy to fall for. My wife sadly clicked on the link and we are now having to change all the passwords.

“They look real but they are also too good to be true, which is what made me suspicious in the first place.”


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