Scam warning to NatWest customers in Gedling borough

 Scam warning to NatWest customers in Gedling borough
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NatWest customers in Gedling borough are being warned about a new scam that allows fraudsters to steal their cash.

The ‘smishing’ scam sees criminals sending unsuspecting victims a text message that appears to be sent from their bank.

The message will ask the customer to verify their account details by clicking on a link which then takes them through to what looks like NatWest’s genuine website.

They are then encouraged to log into their online banking account, which then gives the scammer access to their details and their money.

NatWest has confirmed that this is a scam and advises people not to click on the link.

A spokesman said: “We are aware that a small number of customers received scam text messages this morning.

“Once we became aware of the issue we worked to close down the URL contained within the text messages as quickly as possible.”

The bank is reminding their customers that it will never ask them for their password, full pin, card details or security information via text, over Twitter, on the phone or when they log in to the online banking system.

If you suspect a scam you can report it to [email protected] or [email protected]


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