Watch out for these roadworks across Gedling borough this week

Drivers are being warned to expect traffic and travel delays due to roadworks across Gedling Borough during the week.

This list contains only the roadworks considered to be most likely to cause delays on key routes as well as those involving road closures and temporary traffic lights. It is not exhaustive and does not feature some minor or emergency repairs that come up after publication. Other roadworks may finish or start before schedule or be cancelled altogether.

All information from Highways England, local authorities and utility companies.


B686 Burton Road

February 8— 12

Delays likely due to traffic control (two-way signals)

Works description: Boundary box Renew 25mm Job in Footway (6mm Bitmac (Tarmac)

B686 Carlton Hill

February 13— 15

Delays likely due to traffic control (Stop/Go boards)

Works description: Short Comm pipe Cut Off 25mm Job in Carriageway (Hot Rolled Asphalt-30/14 )                                                          


B684 Woodborough Road,

February 9 — 10 February

Delays likely due to traffic control (multi-way signals)

Works location: Outside 674-678

Works description: Excavate footway to repair damaged duct

Westdale Lane West

February 13

Delays likely due to traffic control (two-way signals)

Works location: o/s 342

Works description: Replace damaged post and bollards (b11)

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