Review: Aynsley Lister Band at Lowdham Village Hall

 Review: Aynsley Lister Band at Lowdham Village Hall

A humorous announcement from Mike Hoare at the start of this show highlighted Aynsley Lister’s affection for playing this local venue.

“It’s official. According to the Aynsley’s website, the Village Hall can now be called the Lowdham Indoor Arena!”

‘This is always one of those special gigs,’ confirmed Lister with the crowd roaring approval. ‘The audience here at the Indoor Arena is always a bit different!’

For those wanting a lively night of music, Lister is definitely your man being one of the loudest acts to play there. Ironically, although Lister’s playing is hot, he often hits Lowdham on the coldest of winter nights as was the case this year with attendees braving the hardest of frosts.

The guitar virtuoso delighted folks attending with his blues infused rock, flippingĀ  between power chords, intricate solos, plaintiff pleading runs, and bluesy slide. Whilst Lister was definitely front and centre, striking a plethora of guitar hero poses, this was certainly not just a one man show. Steve Amadeo (bass), Andre Bassing (keyboards) and Boneto Dryden (drums) played a full part. Each had opportunity to take on solos, whilst also riffing back and forth with Lister. Every solo was greeted with cheers and resounding applause. Over the years the band has become more rounded, with jazzy, instrumental interludes between songs, and a driving funky backbeat on many tracks.

Eyes Wide Open is Lister’s latest CD release and this gig centred around tracks from the album, with All Of Your Love kicking off proceedings and a blistering encore of Handful Of Doubt bookending the show. In between, there was Il Grande Mafioso, Stay, and Right As Rain. Lister referred to the influence of Freddie King’s music in his formative years, and then exemplified this with a stonking version of King’s Tore Down. The crowd loved it often up on their feet clapping and singing along.

Having omitted it in his last visit to Lowdham, Lister acquiesced to audience demands and played what has become a bit of a signature, his band’s version of Purple Rain. He also acknowledged the ‘Dancing Ladies’ who strode their stuff in the aisle to Prince’s classic. Not only would the great man have appreciated it but the group received a mid gig standing ovation from delighted fans.

Lister and Co missed playing Lowdham on their 2016 tour. On the evidence of this crowd reception, I’m sure it won’t be long until they are back.

Mark Glover

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