Residents to get say over plans for city to absorb parts of Gedling borough

 Residents to get say over plans for city to absorb parts of Gedling borough

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A plan which would see areas of Gedling borough absorbed into the city is to be consulted on.

People in the borough will now be given the chance to have their say on the proposals.

The Labour-run Nottingham City Council says the city boundaries are too tightly drawn.

It says current boundaries mean people who live just on the outskirts and are likely to use city council services – such as public transport – but do not contribute towards them in their council tax.

But the plan has received objections from leaders of Gedling Borough Council who say their residents have no desire to become part of the city.

The leader of the city council, Councillor Jon Collins, has previously said the city had no desire to undergo a re-organisation, but was reacting to the county council’s ‘super council’ plan.

Now, the city council has agreed to spend £50,000 on a ‘soft consultation’ to hear people’s views on the idea.

A city council report on the issue says: “Nottinghamshire County Council is exploring the possibility of moving from its current two-tier system in the county to either one or two single unitary councils.

“As part of these proposals, Nottingham City Council and its existing boundaries are not currently considered within the county council deliberations.

ANGER: Cllr John Clarke is against the plans

“In response to Nottinghamshire County Council’s stated intentions, Nottingham City Council is currently identifying potential avenues for local government reorganisation.

“Nottingham has made it clear that if the county pursues the creation of a single tier of government within Nottinghamshire, this would cement the city’s under bounded status.

“Therefore the city has no alternative but to respond to the county’s proposals with local government reorganisation proposals of our own.

“To support the development of any future options, Nottingham City would like to undertake some soft consultation in November 2018.

“This first phase will look to provide an evidence base to inform what a future Nottingham city boundary should be.”

Gedling Borough Council leader yesterday reacted angrily to plans for a consultation after saying he hadn’t been noified it was set to take place.

In a Tweet, Cllr John Clarke wrote:  “I had no knowledge about this survey. No email,no phone call and no letter. A reminder to City and County – hands off Gedling! We will resist any takeover.”


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