Home News Pot luck: Low-cost recycled paint up for grabs in Calverton as part of council scheme to cut waste

Pot luck: Low-cost recycled paint up for grabs in Calverton as part of council scheme to cut waste

by David Bratton
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This is a stroke of luck if you’re about to repaint part of your home.

Tins of paint are being given away free of charge from Calverton Recycling Centre as part of the Community RePaint scheme.

Those working on the scheme collect reusable, leftover paint and re-distribute it to individuals, families, communities and charities in need, to help improve the wellbeing of people and the appearance of places across the UK.

Tins of paint suitable for reuse are labelled, displayed in the Community RePaint Nottinghamshire container ready to collect. 

The scheme is run jointly by Nottinghamshire County Council and Veolia.

PICTURED: The council’s recycling facility in Calverton

Residents across Gedling borough can make an appointment to visit the recycing centre on Hollinwood Lane and then take the donated paint away free of charge.

A spokesman for the Community RePaint scheme said: “We are not be able to guarantee the colours and types we have in the onsite containers as the paint has come from public donations, but we can offer a range of emulsion, eggshell, gloss, masonry and fence paint to choose from.”

Appointments to collect your free paint from Calverton Recycling Centre can be made here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/community-repaint-calverton-collection-slot-600pm-615pm-tickets-60135762685

Organisers ask that if you are unable to attend your appointment then you let them know asap by emailing: [email protected]

Those attending the sessions are asked to bring a protective sheet or box for your vehicle to carry the paint home in.

Covered flat shoes must be worn on all Nottinghamshire Recycling Centres and children need to stay in the vehicle.

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