Police and volunteers join forces to tackle speeding motorists in Ravenshead

Police and members of the public joined forces on Thursday (28) to tackle the problem of speeding drivers on a busy road in Ravenshead.

Teams of police and volunteers took part in the operation on Longdale Lane in the village – a hotspot for speeding motorists.

Armed with speed guns, the volunteers alerted police to speeding vehicles, with those going over the limit being stopped and challenged by officers.

PICTURED: A volunteer with a speed gun on Longdale Lane (PHOTO: Nottinghamshire Police)

The joint operation is being viewed as a success, with police saying the event had a positive impact.

A spokesman said: “This being a joint agency working exercise proved very successful with just a few motorists receiving a verbal warning and a letter highlighting their speed.

“If you’re not aware this road is a thirty speed limit.”

They added: “We continue to work together to making Ravenshead a safer place for everyone.”

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