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Arnold residents can quiz Gedling’s top cop at community Q&A event


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Residents and businesses in Arnold are being given the chance to quiz Gedling’s top cop about making the town a safer place to live.

Inspector Chris Pearson from the Gedling policing team will be attending the next meeting of Arnold Community Group on November 2 at Friar Tuck Flaiming Grill on Gedling Road. The event starts at 10.30am and all are welcome.

Emlyn Mousley is one of the event’s organisers and said it’s important communication improves between the public and local police teams.

He said: “Come along and hear what Inspector Pearson has to say in regards to the policing efforts and changes he and his team has made over the recent months. He also really welcomes your questions and suggestions for making Arnold a better and safer place.

Have your say at this community event taking place ion November

“Plenty of us moan to our friends and on Facebook about anti-social behaviour, petty and serious crime in our community, so here is your chance to really get your voices heard.

Inspector Pearson is very passionate about tackling local crime and does want to make an effort in addressing your concerns, so it is worth your time to come and meet him for a chat. Working together and communicating is the best way to make our community better.”

Also attending the meeting will be Robert Vaughan-Newton from Arnold Neighbourhood Watch (ANW) and he’ll be talking about the important role ANW play in our community and how you can get involved.

Also, attending will be a member from the Gedling Borough Council (GBC) neighbourhood wardens team to also explain some of the important actions taken place in Arnold since the ‘Enough is Enough’ march in June 2018… and the positive outcomes GBC and police have made over the last year.

Mr Mousley added: “Remember, the magic fairy doesn’t just do all of the work in making communities better -it takes real people.

“We do have a great police force and council willing to engage with us to listen and try and make things better. Don’t waste the opportunity: attend the meeting and get involved in the discussion.”

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