Praise for new horse sculptures on Colwick roundabout

Residents in Colwick have heaped praise on new statues which have appeared on a roundabout near Colwick.

The three statues of horses recently appeared on the island near Nottingham Racecourse in Colwick.

A number of residents contacted Gedling Eye to praise the quality of the statues.

Marie Ward from Colwick said: “They are great. They look so realistic that I stopped the car as I thought there was real horses on the island.”

Jim Thorpe from Netherfield said “Ace. It’s about time this side of the city saw some investment. I love them.”

But Lisa Dunn from Colwick thinks it’s only a matter of time before the sculptures are stolen.

She said: “They’ll be nicked before too long. They are too good. Someone will take them and sell them on for a lot of money.”

What do you think of the new horse sculptures? Let us know in the comments section below

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  1. I’d love to know how much they cost and who is paying for them – if it the racecourse paid, all good and well – if the council paid i’m not sure people will be happy ( me included!)

  2. We love them. It was a suprise when we first spotted them on saturday morning and at first glance they looked real. A lovely addition to the area.

  3. I hope they don’t get abused or stolen. Personally I think they look great just hope the small minority of Sneinton and Colwick abusers will leave them be so people can enjoy them. Fingers crossed .

  4. Yes; I agree with Stephen.
    There will be a small number of “people” who will find it amusing to either vandalise or steal these statues, but that, unfortunately, is the nature of the “civilised” world we live in currently.

    I hope they remain intact and in place, for they look impressive.

  5. Lovely sculptures BUT NOT the place for them. They will distract drivers attention from the road as has already been shown. Irresponsible by whoever sanctioned the placement
    They need a few lessons in road safety..There will be a few shunts at this island.
    They should be sited at the road entrance to the Racecourse

  6. They look very nice but in the middle of a busy complicated roundabout, they are a very big distraction. Why not put them on the side of the road?

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