Pothole Day: Is this the worst road for potholes in Gedling borough?

 Pothole Day: Is this the worst road for potholes in Gedling borough?

It’s National Pothole Day today (January 15) and people across the borough will be reminded to shake an angry fist at the damaged state of the roads that put their suspension to the test.

Paul Farrell was one reader who contacted us about the poor state of his road in Carlton.

He drew our attention to the junction of Mays Avenue with Mays Close in Carlton.

Mr Farrell believes it could win the competition for being the worst road in the borough.

“My pictures don’t do it justice,” he said.


“Even the pothole repairs have repairs and the surface of the road is all over the place.”

Nottinghamshire County Council are responsible for the state of our roads across the borough.

The council said they plan to invest £20m to improve the condition of the county’s roads over the next four years.

They also recently purchased a new Roadmaster machine at the cost of £1.75m to improve the quality of the repairs.

You can report potholes to the council here: https://www.nottinghamshire.gov.uk/transport/roads/potholes

Is this junction the worst for potholes in Gedling borough? Is your street in a terrible condition too? If so, let us know. Send your pics and details to [email protected]



  • Besecar Avenue is about the worst road in Gedling for potholes. And on Westdale Lane the entire surface is so worn in places that it’s like driving on a cobbled street. And yet, the council has the funds to plough into huge vanity projects like the so called Gelding Access Road.

    • Agree totally!!!! ALL roads around this bit of Gedling are bad.

  • Investing in the next 4 years . It’s not repairs that are needed its proper resurfacing notts county council

  • Several roads in Porchester Gardens are much worse. After many many years the council have done a proper job on them last year, though some are as bad as ever.

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