Police warning after thieves target sheds in Porchester area

Sheds are being targeted across the borough by thieves
WARNING: Sheds are being targeted across Porchester by thieves

Police are warning residents to be extra vigilant after a high number of shed burglaries  were reported in the Porchester area over the past few days.

The offenders have been breaking into the sheds looking for bicycles.

Police offered the following tips to help prevent you becoming a victim of shed theft:

  • Always secure your bike, even at home.
  • Use two alarmed cable locks or preferably hardened locks such as D locks
  • Take quick release items with you like wheels, lights and seat.
  • Permanently mark your bike for identification, we recommend Cremark.
  • Register it on a property database for free – Love it, log it!

If you have any information on who is committing these offences, please contact crimestoppers anonymous on 0800555111.

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