PICTURED: Police at Victoria Retail Park (IMAGE: Notts Police)

Police have been targeting shoplifters at a retail park in Netherfield after a spike in reports during lockdown.

Officers from Gedling Neighbourhood Policing Team today carried out an operation to target shoplifting at Victoria Retail Park.

PICTURED: Police at Victoria Retail Park (IMAGE: Notts Police)

A police spokesman said: “A recent spate of thefts has resulted in numerous reports during the post-lockdown shopping frenzy.

“A combination of uniformed officers in marked vehicles and our plain clothed officers were used to combat any incidents arising.

We are happy to say there were no arrests and no incidents today, which is what we like to report.”



  1. Either the Police deal with steal from shops or they don’t. Mostly they don’t! Please don’t give them publicity for short term ‘guest appearances’ when they choose to tip up and act. Use your space for high lighting their total indifference to a large chunk of crime in Nottinghamshire.


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