Police patrol puts brakes on speeding motorists in Arnold

 Police patrol puts brakes on speeding motorists in Arnold
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Police in Arnold are carrying out extra patrols in a bid to put the brakes on speeding motorists.

After an increase in reports of speeding and feedback from the community, a team of Specials targeted the Mansfield Road area of Redhill last night (Friday, September 18)

A total of 55 vehicles were checked during the enforcement operation, with many given words of advice in relation to their speed.

One motorist was caught doing 50 in a 30 zone and was issued with a Notice of Intended Prosecution.

A further ten motorists were reported for excessive speed, whilst one vehicle was searched under Section 23 of the Misuse of Drugs Act.

Police stop speeding motorists in Redhill

The Specials-led initiative aims to respond to public concerns whilst utilising a combination of both education and enforcement tactics.

Special Sergeant Ashley Wagstaffe, who heads-up the Specials team in Gedling, said: “Tonight’s results form part of a continued commitment to reduce anti-social driving and speed related offences across the area.

“Excessive speed can have a huge impact in local communities, and in the most extreme circumstances, can lead to injuries and death.

“Our approach is to educate and inform motorists of the dangers of speeding, but as tonight’s results show, we will take an enforcement approach to those who significantly exceed the speed limit”.

The teams work forms part of a wider crime reduction strategy which sees the team tackle Local Policing priorities across the Gedling Borough area.


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