Calverton sppeding
PICTURED: Police were out on Main Road in Calverton catching speeders

Police clocked three drivers in just half an hour speeding in Calverton as they tackled lockdown racers during a campaign against those breaking the speed limits.

Officers were out with the speed gun on Main Street following a number of complaints about speeding.

A spokesman said: “We were there for just 30 minutes and managed to catch three cars being driven in excess of the 30mph speed limit.

Speeding motorists

“The cars were recorded at 37, 38 and 39 mph; all 3 drivers were issued with a Traffic Offence Report (TOR).

They added: “We intend to get around the borough to places where speeding is an issue so let us know where you would like to see us.

“We do this to save lives; the money doesn’t go towards our Christmas party, as a few drivers believe..”

Police have carried out similar patrols in Arnold and Carlton Hill over recent months in abid to cut down on those speeding on the borough’s roads.



  1. They should try doing this down Flatts Lane as well – Shocking speeds some people are hitting down this straight road.

    I complained to the Police 3 times, yet ignored all of them.

  2. It’s about time. I complained a couple of years ago .They should do this in Rainworth too (newark & Sherwood). Its disgusting. Also those exhaust pipes that are diabolical & should be illegal

  3. They should bring their speed guns to Vale Road, Colwick, the speeds they are driving down this road are dangerous and it’s getting worse every day

  4. They need to come when there is no lockdown I live on main st and often see cars doing well over 45 mph and that is slow for a lot of them need a speed camera to catch 3 in 30 mins surely that must be classed as a problem

  5. I live on Park road east where there is a tight bend on the road,my wrought iron gates have been damaged twice due to cars speeding and the driver loosening control. I would like to see a police officer with a speed camera on the approach to the bend I’m sure they would make a fortune in fines.


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