Police and community team up to tackle speeding in Burton Joyce

 Police and community team up to tackle speeding in Burton Joyce

(IMAGE: NottsPolice)

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A joint neighbourhood police and community operation to tackle speeding in Burton Joyce took place this week.

Police officers and members of the community based themselves on A612 Church Road in the hope of catching motorists speeding through the village.

The fire service also took part in the day of action and were on hand to offer safety information regarding the consequences of speeding to any drivers caught in the act.

Signs are put in place to display the speed of passing traffic on the A612 (IMAGE: Notts Police)

A police spokesman said: “Our officers taking part in the operation were once again accompanied by local volunteers from the village who offered their time and training and helped make the operation a success.

“No offenders were caught due to our presence alone of which acted as a visual deterrent.

“A big thank you to all our volunteers and the fire services.”


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  • Acting as a clearly visible deterrent does not stop people speeding once you’ve gone home. Hats off to all involved of cause. Just wish that speed studies could be done covertly, in order to get a true assessment of how many bad drivers pass through the village with no concern for residents. The Wells Road is another hotspot, with drivers doing 40mph between speed bumps etc..
    If fines aren’t being issued and it’s purely for information only then not notifying of the cameras presence surely can’t be an issue?

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