Anger as hundreds of pounds worth of plants are stolen from revamped garden area in Arnold

Hundreds of pounds worth of plants have been stolen from a revamped garden space in Arnold.

The plants were taken from a spot outside the Asda supermarket in the town.

They were part of a refurbished garden area completed recently by Gedling Borough Council.

Local residents were angered by the thefts.

PICTURE The spot where plants have been stolen (IMAGE: John Clarke)

Jill Price said: “It looked so much nicer and now the plants have gone. People moan about the area being run down, but when something’s done they just go and wreck it. Soon the council won’t bother and people will again moan.”

Colin Richardson said he hopes those responsible are caught.

He said: “People should take pride in their area like they used to back in the day. Why destroy what’s on your own doorstep? It beggars belief. Let’s hope they are found and returned”

Gedling Borough Council are now appealing to the public for help in finding those responsible.

A spokesman said: “If you have any information then please contact Crimestoppers anonymously.”

You can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111

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