Plans submitted for 100 extra parking spaces at Gedling Country Park

 Plans submitted for 100 extra parking spaces at Gedling Country Park
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Plans for an extra 100 parking spaces at Gedling Country Park have been submitted for approval.

Documents publicly available online detail a proposal to create the extra car parking spaces on the north boundary of Gedling Country Park, off Spring Lane.

There will also be new connecting footpaths, landscaped bunds and a drainage system.

The planning documents also reveal how the proposed improvements will benefit local wildlife, with new earthworks being constructed ‘to provide a variety of aspects of maximum benefit to local wildlife and in particular the dingy skipper butterfly which Gedling Country Park is known to support.

The application was submitted on June 29.

PICTURED: The plans for extra parking (IMAGE: GBC)

Gedling Borough Council said the improvements would be funded ‘using existing budgets and £100,000 from the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)’.

The CIL is a levy local authorities can use to charge on new developments in their area. The money gained is then used for funding infrastructure the council, local community and neighbourhoods want

Leader of Gedling Borough Council, Councillor John Clarke, said: “In January 2019, the council launched a consultation on how to spend this CIL funding. The proposals included a car park extension at Gedling Country Park. The feedback from the consultation was widely supportive of the proposals which were then agreed by Cabinet Members.

“During popular days and times the existing car park at Gedling Country Park quickly becomes full which then causes visitors to park on adjacent roads and open spaces, often in an unmanaged and disruptive manner. With the increasing demand on the Gedling Country Park, due to its growing popularity this car park extension, if approved, would ensure even more residents can enjoy this fantastic facility.”

One local resident who has seen the proposals online is now hoping the extension plan is approved.

Ryan Lowe, from Mapperley, told Gedling Eye: “I have a young family and we love the park, but finding a parking space can be impossible on some weekends and it’s too far to walk there with little ones. If the plans go ahead, we’ll go more often.”

But a neighbour to the country park is hoping the plans are rejected.

Jayne Green, who lives at Crimea Farm on Spring Lane, said she thought the need for extra spaces ‘was being exaggerated’.

She said: “We live opposite the park, so our farm and family will be directly affected by this further expansion

“On street parking has not been as bad or as frequent as has been reported and has mostly been limited to an hour on Saturday morning when park runners have parked on the road, even though there has been plenty of spaces in the Lambley Lane carpark. The recent double yellow lines have been a success.

“They could build a carpark from the Gedling Access road when built, which would make more sense than currently from a country road.

She added: “The carpark will be an eyesore from the road and the money could be better spent on more pressing matters in the borough. “

The plans are currently awaiting approval.


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  • Keep building and bye bye country park – its turning into a joke . John Clarke the yes man ,they’ll start charging for parking soon then there will be ample space .

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