Plans for new £6 million park and ride at Redhill set to be revealed

 Plans for new £6 million park and ride at Redhill set to be revealed
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Plans for how a new park and ride will work are set to be outlined in the coming weeks. 

The project received funding from the Government as part of the Transforming Cities fund, which aims to improve public transport. 

It is also expected bus priority lanes will be installed on the A60 – one of the busiest routes into the city to speed up the journey for buses into the city.

The car park itself is expected to be built on land west of the Leapool roundabout. 

Preliminary designs show a new road could then be built for buses only, connecting the car park to Bestwood Lodge Drive.

However the new road is yet to receive funding, and would likely be built after the park and ride.

The project is still in the early stages, and specifics are yet to be agreed. 

However Nottinghamshire County Council, which is now responsible for the project, says more details are expected to be made available ahead of a meeting early next month. 

A Freedom of Information request was made to the council asking for further details about the scheme.

The Conservative-led council replied: “The county council is looking to provide the park and ride facility on land west of the A60/ A614 roundabout with access taken from this junction. 

“(There is) a possible future bus link running parallel to and to the west of the A60 linking the proposed Leapool park and ride site to Bestwood Lodge Drive and could thereby provide a future route for buses to avoid one of the congested sections of the A60. 

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“This link would be for buses only where it meets Bestwood Lodge Drive, and is dependent upon future allocations of housing / employment land by Gedling Borough Council in a future Local Plan for the district. 

“The bus link idea does not form part of the (grant) award of monies, and is therefore not in any existing outline plans for delivery. 

“The award of funding now allows the county council (subject to committee approvals) and its partners the opportunity to work up the detail and consult with elected politicians and local people and businesses on scheme proposals and options. 

“In the short term it is proposed to provide a park and ride site and bus priority measures along the A60 (where it can be fitted), Oxclose Lane and Edwards Lane, such that buses from the A60 park and ride gain an advantage over cars, bypass the congestion through Arnold and Daybrook and can also serve the City hospital, in the longer term a dedicated bus link could, subject to future Gedling Local Plan intentions, be considered further.”


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