Petition to resurface pothole-riddled Bestwood Village road launched

 Petition to resurface pothole-riddled Bestwood Village road launched

PICTURED: A pothole on Bestwood Road in Bestwood Village

A bid to resurface a road riddled with potholes has been launched in Bestwood Village.

Residents have been rallied to sign a petition which would see Bestwood Road completely resurfaced after many complaints about potholes in the area.

The road runs from Bulwell to Bestwood Village.

So far 370 people have signed the online petition which calls on Nottingham City Council to take action.

The petition was set up over the weekend by local campaigner Tom Reed.

Mr Reed said the road has been identified as one of the worst road surfaces within the Nottingham City boundary.

He told Gedling Eye: “The damage was mostly done by having 32-tonne trucks using the road when the Kings Park development was being constructed.”

“We raised the issue about the road being in a terribly dangerous state early last year and Nottingham City Council promised that they would provide a new road surface once the new tax year started. That is coming to an end.”

“This promise has now only broken, but they are now back peddling and saying they need to check the budgets.”

“We’ve invited the local city councillors to view the surface but they refuse to come down when invited.”

“Council inspectors have viewed the road and said it’s full of grit and needs completely resurfacing but still nothing seems to happen, which is why we have started the petition.

“We just want something done.”

Councillor Rebecca Langton, Nottingham City Council’s  Portfolio Holder for Highways, said: “Our highways team regularly inspects roads across the city to ensure that they are safe. This road has been inspected and is considered safe. However, routine inspections last year highlighted that the road is in need of resurfacing. This was already identified as a priority and we have already confirmed that works to resurface the road will form part of our highways improvement works in the 2021/22 financial year. 

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“When we resurface the road, we will also take the opportunity to renew the road markings. In the interim, we continue to inspect the road regularly and any safety defects such as potholes and gully repairs will be completed.”

You can sign the petition here:


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